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Our Vision

Vision: To be the most accessible body for building individual capacity in all aspects of life towards achieving success in marital life and civic endeavors.

Our Values

Our core values hinge on functional relationship within families and the society hence we convert problems into social enterprise in a bid to solve such problem.


Our goal is to bring family back to original plan and purpose of God thereby sustaining marriages to happy ending.

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Zion Care Life and Family Impact Foundation is a Non-governmental Organisation. It presents the most accessible means for building individual capacity to be better father, mother or children through godly counsel, promotion of inclusiveness of vulnerable households in national development projects, helping adolescents children achieve education, carrying out advocacy and mobilisation on Gender Equality, Child Rights, Women and Girls Empowerment in order to achieve functional and peaceful lifestyle and civic society.


ZIONCLIFF started in 2009 as a small group of two families fellowshipping together and solving domestic problems of members as they arose. By 2015, the group had grown and transformed into a neighbourhood mobile seminar, teaching and counselling ministering to troubled marriages, youths mentoring advocacy and changing mind-sets/stereotypes against women and girls especially those in the rural communities. Recently, as a result of demand for a more legalised group, registration was sought with the appropriate Government commission in Nigeria and ZIONCLIFF’s Board of Trustees was incorporated in June 2018 with six Board members serving for the period of two years.

Apart from obtaining legal status, ZIONCLIFF has registered and enlisted either as member organisation or as partnering organisation with the following Agencies, body or network.


ZIONCLIFF has organised three successful family life conferences (see the communiques) and several interventions.

One of such intervention is the MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME FOR INDIGENT ADOLESCENTS FROM BLENDED FAMILIES OR SINGLE PARENTHOOD. The intervention came to be through discoveries of the plights of these vulnerable youths from our 24 hour Online Counselling platform which we started May, 2018l for undergraduates in Nigerian Universities. The programme has over 100 mentees, of which 11 have become regular volunteers in our advocacy and mobilisation programmes to youth and rural dwellers.


  • To convene reliable think-tank voices to bring greater clarity on issues pertaining to life and family though conferences, workshops and seminars.
  • To promote inclusiveness of vulnerable households in national development projects by sensitizing the public on the policies and programmes of government and assist them to participate in the policies
  • To help adolescent children from blended families and single parents achieve education and maintain healthy lifestyles.
  • To carry out advocacy on Gender Equality and Equity at homes, schools, public offices and the society in general,
  • To Counsel and mediate in trouble marriages.
  • To provide timely counselling and mentoring programmes for youths in higher institutions.
  • To organise Literacy programmes to enhance civic behaviors.
  • To support empowerment of women and girls especially in rural communities.


Online and Mobile Family and Life Seminars

Zioncliff has established an online seminar which discusses issues around sustainable development goals. Our thematic focus is on SDGs 3,4,5 and 8: Good health and Wellbeing, Education for all, Gender Equality and Decent Work and Economic Growth. Our Mobile Marriage Seminars are avenues where we interact together to solve teeming problems affecting homes and families through counselling and mediation. We accept speaking engagements from Churches and Groups.

School Connect

Zioncliff School Connects was launched on 12 November, 2016 to provide rehabilitation for victims of sexual abuse and create awareness for others on how to avoid Gender based violence especially students of public Secondary Schools and eventually give them a voice. To monitor the effectiveness of our programs, we have a dedicated phone number which we give out to students to enable them call us in case they have further questions, or need advice or clarification on the issue of domestic violence and sexual abuse to which responses have been so great.

Elders Friendship Line:

Elders Friendship Line provides connections to the aged in order to interact with them thereby learn from their past experiences.
We have trained Friendship Line Volunteers, mostly Youths. The purpose of FLV is to relive and renew the mind of the aged and bring back their youthful memories.

Girl Care

This is a girls centered programme which target vulnerable adolescents from indigent homes, blended families, and single parenthood

Life Talk Engagements

We accept Speaking Engagement on any topic that has to do with living life to the fullest. Ours is not motivational speaking but sharing with you practical way of lives.


We have quarterly empowerment training for women in rural communities.

Life/Civic Literacy Programmes

Life literacy signals the importance of lifelong and life wide literacy, learning and re-learning, the literacy skills one needs to live life now and the new skills to be acquired to live best throughout life. We have various departments under Life Literacy Programmes.

An Annual Family and Life Conference

This is scheduled every year for Practitioners, Ministers, Pastors, Religious leaders, Couples, Youths and Policy makers.


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Advisory Board

See a list of members of Zioncliff’s Advisory Board, their backgrounds and roles in the organization.

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Board of Directors

See a list of members of Zioncliff’s Board of Trustees, their backgrounds and roles in the organization.

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