receives generous financial contributions, corporate sponsorships, donated media space, creative services and in-kind donations that allow us to reach from coast-to-coast-to-coast with our literacy programs and promotional campaigns. We wish to thank each of our supporters and literacy partners for their invaluable contribution to literacy. Listed below are supporters that have contributed to Zioncliff programs and initiatives.

Individual Supporters

John Doe
Jane Doe
John Doe
Jane Doe
John Doe

Media Supporters

With the generous donations of media space from the following supporters, we are able to reach more with our literacy awareness messages.  Many thanks to the following media supporters.

John Doe
Jane Doe

In-Kind Supporters

We thank the following organizations who have donated their time and expertise to our initiatives.

John Doe Inc.
Jane Doe Inc.
John Doe Ent.
Jane Doe Org.


John Doe Journal
Jane Doe Magazine
JD Magazine
ABCD Magazine


John Doe Media
Jane Doe Post
JD Press
John D. Newsmagazine